Spiritual Traps

by Stuart Wilde

The early Theosophists, writers like Madam Blavatsky, Annie Bessant, Henry Olcott and others, did a good job carrying the Hindu esoteric knowledge back to Europe. They really got the west going on esoteric knowledge, and they defined many of the terms we use today. Commonly used words like chakras came from them, as did concepts of reincarnation, the spirit world, the out-of-body experience, and the teachings about the astral world and the etheric web, all of which of course, originally came from India.

Esoteric teachings in the west were based on magic and the traditions of the Celts. Much of that Celtic body of knowledge was never written down. The Hindus were more advanced in that they wrote down their knowledge, and so they laid out the terms we use today. It was the early Theosophists that carried Hindu traditions from India to Europe.

But in giving us the wisdom of the Hindus they also gave us its elitism. So writers tended to talk down to their readers and to make their work more interesting, they laced it with exclusive qualities that really should not have been there. The Victorian writers were snobs. They wrote about god-like people, chosen races (read: white), and elevated spiritual states, which they said were inaccessible to ordinary people. Their spiritual snobbery reflected the class system prevalent at the end of the 1800s and early 1900s. It also reflected the spiritual snobbery of the Hindus and their cast system, which is still prevalent today, with the Brahmin at the top of the spiritual pile and the untouchables at the bottom.

The writers talked a lot about the White Brotherhood, which they said were inner beings that controlled the spiritual evolution of humanity. By implication, the brotherhood didn't include non-whites, like Africans say. Racism and snobbery was laced in everything. For example, the writers of old referred to the subtle etheric body as the aura. They got off on a tangent about its colors, saying red in the aura represents physical traits, yellow is a sign of intellectuality and blue is spiritual, and if your aura is violet, you must surely be the great Poo-Bah Lama of the Seventh Ray.

The etheric is a bio-electromagnetic field; it is colorless in our spiritually external, 3-D world. The aura colors mystics talked of were colors that exist only on an inner plane. Meaning, if you could momentarily transfer a human into an inner spiritual dimension, his or her aura/etheric may be colored. However, even in those worlds it is not always so. I've seen humans in there that have no color at all. They are black and gray and sometimes geometric. They are still very beautiful in their symmetry, but they are not colored. I think the teachings about the aura’s colors was a concoction. The idea followed along the elitist vibe, "My aura is violet, yours isn't. So I must be spiritually elevated, and you are not so elevated."

Elitism disconnects you from others and it disconnects you from god. I don't understand why people don't see that. Our spiritual journey of self-discovery is just four feet long, one foot from your head to your heart ,and three feet out from there to hug the first person you see. You can't find god by disconnecting from humanity and life. The universe at its celestial core is a unified field. There is no space for the separation necessary to have 'chosen people' or special initiates, or a pretend living god. It's a lie. There is no such thing. Pretending to be a god on earth is a folly. It's the ego-challenging god to a fight for supremacy. It's the fatal mistake of the fallen angel. The idea that certain worlds and perceptions are only accessible to elevated holy men and women and not accessible to ordinary people is very wrong. It is ghoul-talk intended to mislead you.

In all the transdimensional worlds that I've been blessed to be shown, I have never seen anything that would even vaguely resemble a class distinction between one level of spirituality and another.

Transdimensional existence and the angelic worlds are open, free, and accepting. There maybe spirit worlds for 'chosen people' and spiritual snobs, but if they do exist they would be hellish places somewhere in the demonic realm. Only humans can invent nonsense like the Brahmin-the chosen one, and all those ego trips that permeate spiritual teachings and organized religion. It's a sad mistake to fall for that; it is part of the ghoul's control-trip. It is how spiritual teachers and religions hope to entice susceptible people. It plays to their ego and their insecurity, offering to make them safer and more special in the eyes of god-for a small fee, of course. God isn't stupid.

The idea that god will save one religious group like say, the Jehovah
Witnesses, and leave others behind is bogus. No one can grant you the kingdom of heaven, as it is not his or hers to grant.

The celestial worlds reflect the sacred inner quality of their magnificence. They are awesome in their complexity and beauty, and they exude a tenderness of humility and respect. The petty tyrant can't just pitch up at the church, synagogue, or ashram and imagine that that act alone will grant him or her a celestial panorama or a reserved place in an afterlife. But you can see how spiritual egotists would be drawn to that arrogance and the offer of a free ride. For the free ride of itself implies the person is special and chosen and beyond the mundane. This one is so marvelous and special he gets into the celestial VIP lounge; other lesser mortals will be rejected or they will have to wait. If you believe that get ready to take cover when you get there, you're in for a hell of a shock.

In the 10-D worlds* I have seen, such an arrogant stance would be embarrassing beyond words. You wouldn't dare imagine yourself selected or special, surrounded as you are by a fractal vista so vast and so elaborate it is beyond anything a human could possibly imagine or ever think up. In truth, I am always a bit frightened by the vastness of it all. I sometimes imagine I will be carried away and become lost. It's the colors and the non-solid structures that hurt my notion of self. As those dimensions embrace you in their vast complexity, the process has a way of carrying you off inside itself, which stuns one into silent awe and gratitude.

As you approach the infinite, the pieces that make up your identity go through a sudden metamorphosis. You change from sensing yourself as a solid being of human matter to a being housed in a translucent, information storage mechanism. You are not sure what that identity is, or where you are, as you are now everywhere and nowhere. Meanwhile, your ideas of self go from clunky and stiff to fluid and expansive.

You can never properly experience god if you are an elitist for the very terms of your elitism define you and bind you. God is all encompassing. Inside the self-inflicted boundary of your snobbery is a hidden hatred for others that says you are better or different. Your bum's in the air, you're wearing a silly outfit and you feel so holy and selected as you go through the motions, your morning sun salute. Three inches away from your backend, in the etheric, the ghouls are pissing themselves laughing. They've got you to point your arse at god, and by playing to your need to feel special and chosen and holy, they have inducted you into their SS (spiritual snobs). Now they will suck you dry. They will feed on your etheric all day and you'll feel tired and sooner or later you will get sick.

Yoga is a clever con. If you do it regularly you may by now be wondering what's going wrong with your life. You are so disciplined and holy, and it's so good for your breathing, blah, blah, but you feel bloody awful. Meanwhile you are losing energy and etheric protection, and the ghouls are gradually killing you. Work it out.

If someone very important, who you deeply respect, was suddenly coming to visit, let us say you are a Catholic and the Pope is coming to your house, how would you act? Imagine your relatives and friends all gathered in the front room waiting for the momentous moment when His Holiness will walk through your door. And you're on the floor in a silly outfit offering your crotch up to his face. "Hello-Pope, Sir, welcome to 22 Acacia Avenue. This is my arse and my crotch. Am I now special enough to get to heaven?" And the Pope is scratching his bald head thinking, what the fuck is going on here—when do we leave? Bring the pope mobile round quick. If you wouldn't do it to the pope, why would you do it to god. Ghoul-traps.

The etheric ghouls are attracted to everything unclean and nasty: germs, feces, urine, dirt, blood, sweat, arrogance and so forth. Getting you to offer all that to god inducts you into the church of a slow death—their world. Further, the world of the etheric ghouls is low-down, behind you. So, if you are standing facing north the ghouls are south-west, behind you, low down. They permeate solid reality and go down a few feet through the floor. How far they go I don't exactly know as a few feet was as far as I was able to see. The best place for them is when you are on the floor. Ding!

It's very difficult to work out because we are so conned by would-be spirituality and religions. Many of these institutions and their practices are prisons, designed to trap those genuinely trying to move up. The object of this evolution is to make sure no one escapes and that we all wind up in the ghouls' world, offering up our arrogance and our unwiped feces to god as the ultimate insult. It's so clever and very sneaky.

Then on the outside edge of elitism are the real devil's chains—where you are perpetually bound and denied a real experience of god. For to properly embrace the grace and spirit of god, you have to be open and you have to let go, you can't resist or hold on. If you actually saw the 'real thing' your heart would break. We humans are too small to embrace infinity. The brittle structure of our pomposities, form and status, rules and elitism binds our spiritual evolution. It's a cast-iron jacket that cuts us off from god. If you ever got even half way to the infinite you would instantly breakdown. You couldn't control the process. You wouldn't last more than a few minutes before you exploded, experiencing cardiac arrest. That is probably why you have been protected from it for so long.

Sometimes the ghouls offer you back a small squirt of etheric to lock you in and to feed your sense of specialness, but it isn't the real thing, just more entrapment. If you really want to empower your spiritual journey, uncouple from religious and spiritual ideas that feed the ego, become silent and internalize your devotion for god, while embracing humility and openness. Someone from the other side will come and get you. There is no way in god's heaven that a human could get there just on their own efforts. We are too ignorant and the 10-D world is too vast. You'd freak out if it came upon you too quickly. It took me twenty years and I only have a foot in the door, a toe is more accurate.

Imagine a world that is turning inside out and outside in, twenty times in ten seconds. Then there are shapes in 10-D that don't exist here, and colors we have never seen before, as well as sounds that hurt your ears they are so intensely beautiful. Even shapes we do understand like an ordinary sphere has dimensions to it that just do not compute in the human mind. I remember looking at an oval shape that seemed to be hovering in the center of an infinite vastness. It glowed dimly in the darkness. It was a bit like a kiwi-fruit to look at, and about the size of a hot-air balloon. On the outside of it were long spikes, they reminded me of stainless steel, they looked very sharp. I found them a bit spooky to look at. I watched the kiwi-fruit pod for a while as it hovered there, pulsing and glowing slightly. I was bemused. I didn't understand what to make of it.

Then the thing started to break open and a bright celestial light shone through its outer skin. The light hurt my eyes it was so bright. Next, the pod fell open slowly like a flower in bloom. Inside was another world, but what was bizarre was the inside was immense, thousands and thousands of times bigger than the outside. I was shocked. To my mind it looked like a city made of glass. Of course, human terms fall short in these situations as our reality normally stays fairly still, while these other worlds are moving all the time, they constantly change at high speed. What city? What glass? By the time you try to work it out, it has carried you through a dozen morphs of itself. I'm sure what I saw wasn't a city of glass, but that was how my mind translated the untranslatable.

Did I think I was special, chosen, or god-like? No, I did not. After a few seconds I just wanted to get out of there. The beauty of that thing was tearing my heart out—it hurt my soul to look at it. I'd hate to see whatever is at the core of these inner spiritual worlds—let's call it god, though I'm sure that our concept of god is not big enough. I know I would burst if I saw the real thing. I have never really recovered from the kiwi-fruit pod. That cosmic fruit salad was more than I could take, the last thing I need is the main meal.

I mention this incident because I worry that people get carried away by elitism and spiritual snobbery. I know how terribly it will hurt you when you see even a small part of the real thing. Your shame may destroy you. You will heave with sorrow and cry dry tears, for that vastness will not allow you an instant respite, and by then you will not be able to rectify your elitism. You'll suffer your way through it, over and over. You will be shown more and more complex worlds, while you beg for it to stop, for you will feel you are about to burst. Then you will be dropped back with the elitists at your church or special yoga group or whatever, and you will experience the horror of your mistakes. You will see those people in the dark cloud of their feigned grandness and spiritual snobbery. You will see how puffed up they are, strutting about with their nose or bum in the air. It will all look so ridiculous and dark, it will make you wince. You will see the truth and what you will see is how puny and ugly those people look. You will also see how their 'specialness' is killing them. You will want to run as fast as your chubby legs will carry you. But by then it may be too late. The elitist qualities that attracted you to the church or the group must be real and inside you, for if they were not, you would have be been revolted or put off by the ugliness of the members and/or the teachings. Remember, elitists will always try to suck you into their hierarchy; it's entrapment wrapped in a candy. Once you are tied to them you are stuck inside their evolution, the chances of escape close behind you.

Bubba-the-BS-Merchant, the living god with his or her hand out, is in for a terrible shock. I feel for his or her pain. It's so stupid. But in leading people astray, he or she gets whatever is due to those teachers who deliberately take people toward the ghouls and into the chains of ego and status, and away from an all-encompassing god. It's too dreadful to contemplate.

Take what is good from the religions and spiritual teachings, but leave the snobbery and elitism behind, refuse to have any part of it. It will kill you, and if it doesn't get you now in the physical plane, it will get you later in the spiritual plane. Elitism is ghoul-food. Be nothing instead—it’s safer.